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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Dreaded Nativity


The Dreaded Nativity Play

I never believed I could really care about a nativity play. Yes, they're fun and kids look cute and get to wear tea-towels on their heads. But I thought I'd just be happy my child was taking part.

So in the first year he came home all excited, gripping a wee slip of paper with his role on it. Dancer. Yes that well known role of nativity dancer. Did you not know that there were dancers at the nativity? Well apparently there were, and they had to wear striped shirts, file onto the stage and at the appropriate moment skip off the stage in twos, down the centre aisle and back to the stable!

And then this year he was a "Person From Scotland". Yup, that's right. And there's people from Spain, Switzerland, and Hawaii as well. Indeed, a new twist on the nativity. Apparently the star travels round to the countries to find the best place for the baby Jesus to be born and picks a stable in Bethlehem. Personally I would have picked a well equipped maternity hospital with ready access to painkilling drugs as opposed to a stable of barnyard animals, but who am I to know!

But then I found out that he didn't have anything to say. But all the rest of the Scottish People did. And then, I'm afraid, I turned into "that" mum. I just wanted him to have a chance. And some of the children with speaking parts had speaking parts last year as well. And I know they've probably got the clearest speaking voices and can project or whatever. But you know, it's not the west end. It's a school play and as a parent I just want to see my child getting a chance to do something. And if it pushes them out of their comfort zone then maybe that's a good thing.

And then, probably through my excessive grilling light questions he picked up that he wasn't speaking and asked would I ask the teacher if he could have a line to say. And I did. And I was nervous. (In the interests of full disclosure I should point out that I'd already complained about some slightly inappropriate lyrics in some of the songs already but lets gloss over that... )

And I could tell the teacher wasn't happy, she said yes he could, but then said that they'd tried out all the children and he didn't speak loud enough (really? Are we talking about the same child??) And that half were speaking and half were not speaking. And I can understand that, but why not try and make sure that the ones who are not speaking were not the ones who were not speaking last time either. You know, go and check with the teacher from last year and work it out.

Or, what about a play where everyone got a line. So that got me thinking was that possible. So I did it I wrote a 50 line nativity play. So 50 children all getting to speak. Imagine that. Fifty parents all getting to see their child shine.

Anyway. He's a shepherd now. With a line. And I'm off to iron a tea-towel for his head and burst with pride when he says his line.

"I bring a lamb."

Oscar winning.