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Started the blog when I was a reluctant stay at home mum of two, now back at work and life is even more crazy! This blog is about combining work, home and everything else. I've two kids (aged five and three), youngest has Downs Syndrome, have one partner and no pets (the smelly goldfish went to the big bowl in the sky!)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Wow! This weather has been amazing! No problems filling these days, the only worry has been have they got enough sunscreen on! Got the paddling pool out last week and the sun has warmed it up enough that even I've been prepared to dip a toe in! We have also been watering plants and cooling off with the hose (no ban where I live!!)

I've been trying to self improve as well, I'm on week five of couch to 5k. I did it about two years ago but stopped at the end of the nine weeks, determined to keep it up this time. I've actually found I've been looking forward to going out running and was out at 8.10am on Saturday to avoid the heat. Saw some awful photos of me taken at the weekend, thought I was looking slim and lovely but looked really blobby - need to add some sit ups I think. I've also been putting away the iPad/laptop/phone in the evening and reading (albeit on a kindle). Currently reading Night Waking. I've not finished it yet, but am enjoying it.

Right need to get up (!!) its Rhymetime today!

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