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Started the blog when I was a reluctant stay at home mum of two, now back at work and life is even more crazy! This blog is about combining work, home and everything else. I've two kids (aged five and three), youngest has Downs Syndrome, have one partner and no pets (the smelly goldfish went to the big bowl in the sky!)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Two months later...

Well. That was a bit crap - one post and then nothing! To be honest it's been busier, and much more fun than I imagined. So, how are we filling the days? Well we've got into a simple routine: Monday pottering, Tuesday Booktrust Rhymetime in the library and a trip to the "cafe" (Starbucks to you and me), Wednesday mums and tots, Thursday a different mums and tots (not as good as the Wednesday one) and the Friday my partner is off too so we do shopping and then lunch.

Afternoons have been the longest, my oldest one is at preschool 12.30-3.00 and the stretch from three to tea time seems really long sometimes, there has been a bit too much tv watching for me to be comfortable with... But today we are going to make crispie buns!

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